Providing superior services, creating strong relationships

360 Civil Consulting is responsive to the needs of your project and offer services that go above and beyond expectations.
We provide civil engineering advice, preliminary and detailed designs, and RPEQ certification services.

360 Civil Consulting offer a variety of services including:

360 Civil Consulting has excellent relationships with Town Planning consultancies and other Engineering Specialists in the area. This means that even if we do not have the answer, we know someone who does. That leads to a faster turnaround time on your project and confidence that we have every aspect of your project covered.

Unitywater Accreditation and Certification Services

As Unitywater transitions to a private Accreditation and Certification (A&C) Service system of delivery, 360 Civil Consulting are well placed to deliver this aspect of the project for their clients.

360 Civil Consulting have qualified Major Certifiers and Construction Certifiers, which ensures that all aspects of water and sewerage connection and network works applications (that are associated with non-trunk infrastructure) can be assessed and delivered by the 360 Civil Consulting in-house team.

Since gaining accreditation in March 2018, 360 Civil Consulting have successfully delivered numerous projects in the roles of Major Certifier and Construction Certifier for projects that have been designed and delivered by 360 Civil Consulting but also for projects that have been designed by other civil engineering consultants who are not Unitywater A&C accredited.